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Passport Applications

To apply for a passport, resume an application or report a lost/stolen passport, please contact the Australian Passport Office.


Passport fees as of 1 January 2017

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Passport fees are payable when you lodge your application.

(All fees are shown in Australian dollars)



10 – year validity passport (for persons aged 16 and over)


5 - year validity passport (for children under 16)


5 – year validity passport (optional for persons 75 +)


Frequent traveller passport [1] 


Emergency passport overseas


Additional Fees


Priority Service[2]


Overseas surcharge - adult applicant


Overseas surcharge - child applicant


Other travel  documents and services


Document of Identity [3]


Certificate of Identity


Convention Travel Document


Observation made after passport issue




1. For 10 - year passports only and subject to availability

2. Available to eligible clients in Australia and London only

3. Except Documents of Identity for Australians travelling between Norfolk Island and other Australian destinations, which are issued free of charge

Methods of payment

In Australia – EFTPOS, MasterCard or Visa

Overseas – in most cases, you will be required to pay an equivalent amount in local currency. Contact the Australian diplomatic mission or consulate where you will lodge your application for details.